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Ancient Egyptian Vocabulary

deciphered by Ossama Alsaadawi

Selection 1:


II - 0001




This is the first shorthand expression given in the papyrus of Ani



In the name of God 


Praise be to God  


Lord of the worlds


 The most compassionate, the most merciful, Master of the Day of Judgment




In name of the God .. praise be to God, Lord of the worlds

 the most compassionate, the most merciful, Master of the Day of Judgment

this is called 'the opening spell of the Ancient Egyptian Scripture .. they also referred to it by many other forms and other depictions or symbols because they repeat it frequently in their Hieroglyphic texts

Ossama Alsaadawi

May 8, 1995


II - 0002


 sending down the Book

II - 0003


 men who love to purify

II - 0004 



the Book and Wisdom

II - 0005 


divine mercy and blessings

 II - 0006 


Lord of the Skies and Erath


II - 0007



God .. ( Allah )

II - 0008 


Exalted God

( God raised far above )

II - 0009

[N35:V13:D21] = [N35:X1:D21-R8]



 we are to return to God

II - 0010


 God .. glory to Him


II - 0011


Abraham raises the foundations of the Sacred House 

II - 0012



  and that I do good to please You and admit me into Your mercy 


II - 0013


God and his angels grant prayers upon the Prophet ( the Holy Spirit) )



picture: ref. no.6 .. Lorna Oakes & Lucia Gahlin

II - 0014


Ancient Egyptian Opening Spell


deciphered by

Ossama Alsaadawi

 II - 0015


In the name of the God most gracious most merciful


II - 0016 


 the Angels

II - 0017 


O' you who believe respond to God

II - 0018


peace upon Abraham

II - 0019


 and mention in the Book ..

II - 0020  


 grace of God

 nL - niL - River Nile


N = boon

II - 0021  



the Sacred House

 II - 0022


the divine populated House

 II - 0023


the ancient House

 II - 0024



Day of the Resurrection

II - 0025


[ s3 - ym ]

the Hour .. (Doomsday) .. the Hour of Resurrection


II - 0026


[ swt - bit ]

an apostle rehearses onto you the evident verses of God

II - 0027


and she believed in the words of her Lord (Mary) 

II - 0028



Sarah .. one of the names of Mary in AE texts! 

Wallis Budge EHD p.637b

 II - 0029



is not God the wisest of judges?

II - 0030



invite to your lord's way by wisdom and kind advice

 II - 0031



your Lord guard all things 

 II - 0032



and an apostle to the children of Israel (Jesus) 

II - 0033



remember my grace I offered to you and that I preferred you above all nations (Israel) 

 II - 0034



much condoning oft forgiving 

II - 0035



 O' Lord I lodged from my offspring in an unplanted valley (Abraham) 

II - 0036



divine victory 

II - 0037

[ Y3-N35:D18]


call him faithfully 

II - 0038



O' David We made you a gerent king 

II - 0039



Mary daughter of Imran 

II - 0040



his woman friend 

II - 0041



God is light of the Skies and Earth 

II - 0042



my Lord knows more 

II - 0043



praise God often 

II - 0044



who over blame themselves 

II - 0045



say good to the peoples, setup prayers and grant alms 

Wallis Budge EHD p.376a

II - 0046



gardens under which rivers run abide therein 

II - 0047



this is your nation, one nation 

Wallis Budge EHD p.378b

II - 0048



guiding signs of the Criterion 


II - 0049



and listen that you may have mercy  

II - 0050



We created man from a drop (sperm)  



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