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There is huge number of opinions and messages concerning works and findings of Ossama Alsaadawi,

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On 2/12/2005 10:21:15 AM wrote:

Dear Sir, I just had today another confirmation of your linguistic and religious theories that are FACTS. In a radio interview (in French), the Egyptologist of France for the past 50 yrs, Mme Christiane Desroches Noblecourt in her latest book "le Fabuleux Heritage de l'Egypte", ed SW-Telemaque [ISBN 2-7533-0009-7], 309 pages, November 2004 (you can go to (France), admitted that:

1- what all egyptologists KNOW but refuse to recognize publicly - that that Judaism and Christian faiths BOTH stem from the Ancient Egyptian religion.

2- that there are NO thousands of Egyptian divinities but just ONE GOD and that these so-called divinities are QUALITIES describing the unique one.

3- as she is now 91 yrs old she can tell the truth without any "bad consequences"... And yet in my city (Montreal) there is presently an exposition about Egyptian treasures and its numerous Egyptian Gods, I might add that numerous JEWS are denouncing the present day Jewish religion as having its root in Babylon rituals and hence not the real religion of God both that of Moloch (devil).

I do encourage you to contact the webmaster of this site the Jeff Rense program is close to #1 on the Net and talks about a variety of subjects - political, esoteric, religious, Egyptology, etc .. I am sure you would make a most interesting guest and your works would get a much wider coverage. Also via this website your books could be made more accessible to a larger public... Finally I do hope that you will be able to do a sort of "web-log" and maybe an e-mail newsletter so that people can contribute to your research and make it more mainstream...

In regards to your interpretation of the AE language you are right as I found out to my dismay that many serious errors in deciphering simple words like for gold are KNOWN to egyptologists yet they keep on repeating the mistaken translations over and over again for the sake of continuity and "not to rock the boat".. Yours, ...